About Us

One Stop Building and Hardware (OSBH) is a South Australian owned and operated family business. While OSBH has been around for only 6 years the Christopoulos family have been involved in various successful businesses and real estate developments over 4 decades and still today strive for excellence, innovation, service, quality at a competitive price.

OSBH was directly born from the constant pressure from local trades and builders who were on the lookout for an alternative supply in building lines which gave them a choice to shop around rather than being dictated to on where to buy, how much to pay, and be treated like a number.

From this OSBH sourced various building lines and have with great blood sweat and tears have successfully sourced, marketed and implemented an alternative AAC Product (Ecol Mega Panel and Ecol Mega Blocks) not only in South Australia, but Australia, that not only complies but exceeds Building Code of Australia compliancy and now is the first known Code Mark certified AAC building product in masonry and AAC building masonry systems of its kind in Australia being deemed to satisfy.

Our family and staff would like to thank all the people who gave OSBH a chance in the industry to excel to where we are today, without you as our customers, suppliers, and people giving OSBH a chance we wouldn’t be here today. All the above have been apart of a success story similar to ‘David vs Goliath’ to compete against the conglomerates of the industry in which we have now become your mouth piece.

“The Panels are Better at OSBH”